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A couple of weeks ago, I went to Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area to judge a Kollaboration talent showcase. Kollaboration is a non-profit organization focused on providing resources for Asian-American talent in all areas of the entertainment industry. They’re as passionate about visibility & representation as I am, so I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation! While in the area, I also met up with some family that I hadn’t seen since I lived in the Philippines 12 years ago. So happy that we reunited and caught up.

San Francisco is full of good food and lots of character. It’s honestly difficult to describe the vibe of the city. It’s like LA but not really. Like NYC but not really. They’ve also got a huge reservation culture. In every restaurant that I stepped into, the first question was always, “Do you have a reservation?” A question not as commonly asked in LA.

Oakland on the other hand felt a little bit more ‘home-y’, probably because it reminded me a bit of Long Beach. Downtown Oakland is a little bit more intense than downtown Long Beach, but the ‘by-the-water’ culture felt very familiar.

I really enjoyed my time in the bay area, and I hope to be back and stay for longer than 2 nights. Check out my travel vlog *Aussie accent* down below!

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