How to Create A Vision Board for 2019


One thing that I regretted not doing last year is making a vision board. I lacked a vision, therefore I had no goals or dreams. I remember when I had my start-of-the-year meeting with my manager and he asked what I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I…didn’t have an answer. I floated through the entire year. I had no focus, because there was nothing to focus on. WHACK.

Making a vision board for 2019 will help me in my pursuit of living intentionally because it will bring more clarity to what I want to accomplish this year.

How I created My 2019 Vision Board

Step One: Visualization & Brainstorm

Before doing anything, you need to figure out your purpose & what you want for 2019. Creating a vision board without a vision is creating without purpose. You cannot manifest things you don’t even know you want. Be intentional. I did two things to help me with my vision. The first thing that I did was I asked myself, “how do I want to feel in 2019?”. My answer was “fulfilled”. Then, I came up with three ‘supporting’ words that will help me achieve fulfillment. Those words are “purpose”, “intention”, and “action”.

The second thing that I did to help me with my vision, is doing a three year vision. I got very specific. I rounded up some worksheets that you can do to help you be specific with your vision:

  1. Lavendaire’s Vivid Vision Exercise

  2. Colin & Samir’s Personal Vision Worksheet

  3. Lululemon’s Vision Worksheets (I recommend doing this vision exercise for three years, instead of ten)

From those two activities, I started to brainstorm actual items for my 2019 vision board. My dream car, where I want to travel to this year, what I want to prioritize, what I want to learn, what I want to do, what I want to accomplish, who I wanted to be around, what makes me feel fulfilled. This entire process took about 2-3 hours, because I wanted to get specific.

Step Two: Find Images

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.35.00 AM.png

Find images and quotes that you want to put on your vision board. I’d recommend looking for the images online and printing them, as opposed to scouring through hundreds of magazines to find the perfect images or quotes. By doing everything digitally, you can be as specific as possible. I personally found my images on Pinterest. I created a private board and pinned images I wanted to use, to that board. If you find a quote but you don’t like the font, you can just recreate it in Photoshop or Canva (a free online resource)!

Step Three: The Physical Board

Decide how you want to create your vision. Do you want to use a metal grid & use clothespins to attach each image? Do you want a digital vision board that you create in Canva and use as your phone’s lockscreen? Or do you want to be like me and do it the traditional way—a large board with images and quotes taped onto it?

If you do it my way, I recommend using double sided tape as opposed to a glue stick. Makes everything easier, cleaner, and more permanent. Glue sticks have a tendency to dry out ‘un-stick’ after a couple of months.

Side note: In one of my previous vision board videos, I use a cork board and pinned each image and quote with a pushpin. I do not recommend this method, as the papers started to lift and curl forward due to gravity.

What eventually happens to a vision board if you pin photos onto cork!

What eventually happens to a vision board if you pin photos onto cork!


You want to place your vision board somewhere where you will see it everyday. Otherwise it’s out of sight, out of mind. Some people like having it by their beds, others prefer it by their desks. I personally like keeping it by my desk, so that I can remind myself of what I’m working towards if I hit a frustrating roadbump in one of my projects. One of the benefits of using a digital vision board as your phone’s lockscreen, is that you will absolutely see it everyday. I just prefer a physical vision board!

Creating My 2019 Vision Board

I vlogged myself creating my 2019 vision board and explained each image. You can watch it down below!


I’ll end this entry with a question for you all: how do you want to feel in 2019?