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ABOUT asia

Asia Jackson is an actress and digital creative based in Los Angeles, California. Growing up a military brat, Asia spent her childhood all over the world. She is of African-American and Filipino descent. Asia taught herself to code at eleven years old and was in school studying computer information systems before entering the entertainment industry.

On TV, you’ve seen Asia on Modern Family (ABC), The Young & The Restless (CBS), Speechless (ABC), Superstore (NBC), Alone Together (Freeform), and Lifetime's TV movie Stalked By A Reality Star. She also uploads videos to her YouTube channel where she shares her passion for skincare, style, and travel.

In October 2016, Asia created the global movement #MagandangMorenx, literally translated to “beautiful brown skin”, to challenge colorism and celebrate the diversity of beauty in the Philippines. It has garnered international media coverage in publications such as NBC News, AJ+, Teen Vogue, HYPEBAE, ABS-CBN (Philippines), and Glamour Magazine.

I never try to intentionally set myself apart from the rest because I don’t try to be anything other than myself. If being myself makes me different, then that’s just the way it is–I never seek to be so.